The Warehouse Management System (WMS) in today's modern warehouse management is the integral part of the operation. Its primary need is to best utilize a warehouse's resources, including space, labor, equipment, tasks, and material flows.

Pollux logistics Pvt. Ltd. believes that inefficient warehouse practice(s) is a business parameter diminishing the bottom line of any business. Incorrect orders, sluggish order handling processes (due to inefficient information usage), inaccurate inventory data, result in incorrect orders and customer dissatisfaction, leading to lower profits and negative bottom-line impact.

Pollux logistics Pvt. Ltd. proprietary WMS is an indigenously built system with constant improvements over the years based on our experience of global standards of Logistics.

Our system is so user friendly to our Customers for viewing their Inventory from their desk.

It is a flexible and robust system that handles all warehouse operational requirements. Our IT goes with us in all our operations. We charge it as an enabler, and NOT as a profit centre.

We update our WMS on regular basis to enhance its functionality. Scan in / out operations & related activities, multi parameter based inventory / order tracking, label printing, RF enabled operations are some of the functions which are available today.

A few sample capabilities are:

  • Multiple Customer/Supplier/Stockroom wise Inventory Management
  • Portability
  • Ease of training
  • Easy back end query
  • Able to import / export data in variety of formats
  • Powerful reporting repertoire
  • Transaction Listing, (Global, region, periodic)
  • Daily Service Register of both Inward / Outward
  • All Master Lists
  • Damaged Goods Bin Locations